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Improve Workplace Results


Improve Workplace Results

Phoenix, AZ (August 27, 2018) –   The Stress & Anger Management Institute, LLC (The SAMI Group) has just announced a new workshop series designed to teach and support busy employees in getting more positive results in their work environments. The program focuses on increasing emotional intelligence and managing stress to increase productivity. The goal is to eliminate the distraction of misunderstandings, provide the tools for effective communications and emphasize personal accountability.

This workshop includes an assessment to measure the participant’s current ability to function in effective communications, monthly group Q&A call, and course materials for $297/participant.

“After working with many decision-makers, executives and corporate leaders, I have seen first-hand the need for quick, concise information that can be used immediately to shift focus, increase productivity and enhance morale. When there is an investment in what matters, everyone wins”, says Anutza Bellissimo, CAMF.

For more information, please visit or contact Anutza Bellissimo at [email protected] or 888-241-1167.

##### Anutza Bellissimo is a professional development specialist with 20 years of training and coaching experience, top educator and executive coach in psycho-education related to emotional intelligence and anger management. She helps people develop an understanding of, and accountability for their patterns in managing stress, effective communication, anger, and emotional intelligence. Her company, Stress & Anger Management Institute, LLC supports professionals in life skills and career development. Download a free report at


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