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Career development serves our primary factors of motivation which is vital to improving job performance and workplace solutions.

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Emotional Fitness

Managing emotions productively is something few individuals do well. Learn to transform anger or stress into personal power and success.

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Management Training

Soft skills training can easily help you shift and replace conflict or stress with emotional fitness and self-assured management skills.

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Classes & Coaching

Our workshops offer a whole new way of thinking about yourself and your world – giving you simple solutions to emotional intelligence, stress management, and interpersonal communication. Our programs lead to hope, enlightenment and a new sense of personal power.

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Anutza Bellissimo is a professional development specialist, lecturer, workshop leader, top educator, and executive coach in psycho-education, with 20 years of training and coaching experience. Ms. Bellissimo helps individuals develop an understanding of, and accountability for their patterns in managing stress, effective communication, anger, and emotional intelligence. Her company, Stress & Anger Management Institute, LLC supports professionals in life skills and career development.

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