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Anutza Bellissimo Consulting and Training

The SAMI Group

Programs offered by The SAMI Group implement the most advanced stress management research, positive psychology, and cutting-edge biofeedback technology to help you train and overcome any areas that may be holding you back or keeping you stuck at your current level of life experiences. By incorporating SAMI Lifestyle training and mentoring into your daily life, you’ll achieve more success personally and professionally.

The key to managing stress is understanding how to identify and transmute counter-productive situations and decision-making skills. To live a healthy, happy, or prosperous life, we must focus our energy on that which will allow us to quickly easily, and comfortably make all the necessary changes required to achieve our ultimate goals and desired lifestyle.

The SAMI Group aligns individuals with increased levels of communication, emotional intelligence, and stress management skills. As an alternative to or conjunction with traditional therapy, SAMI offers a whole new way of thinking about yourself and your world.

Emotional Fitness (EQ) is the silent resilience factor that can make or break our personal and professional relationships. Developed emotional intelligence enhances communication, productivity at work and balance in our own life. Our certified SAMI facilitators offer a variety of unique courses that are personally designed to strengthen your EQ level. We use innovative tools to help clients explore their self-awareness and emotional comprehension skills. SAMI provides workplace workshops, group classes and individual mentoring programs for anybody ready to commit to a healthier lifestyle.

Since 1999, Stress and Anger Management Institute, LLC, founder, and life coach Anutza Bellissimo has customized training programs for individuals and organizations. By delivering simple solutions that enhance conflict resolution, change management, and performance improvement skills, SAMI programs lead to hope, enlightenment and a new sense of personal power.


About The Founder

Anutza Bellissimo, CAMF, M.Msc., is CEO and Founder of the Stress & Anger Management Institute and #1 international bestselling author of The Highly Effective Executive. Since 1999, Ms. Bellissimo has demonstrated her extraordinary executive career coaching and facilitation skills through working with organizations like L3 Technologies, Boeing, Raytheon, Ball Corporation, Honeywell, Western Tech, UCLA, Caltech, Anheuser-Busch, and many others, to minimize costly employee behavior and engineer invaluable workplace performance. Ms. Bellissimo lectures and facilitates training that benefits small and large companies alike, by improving productivity, reducing conflict and focusing on wellness; which decreases sick days off and increases employee retention. Anutza is a trusted consultant to busy executives, respected leaders, and business owners. Since 2005, she's specialized in stress and anger management training, created The SAMI Pillow®, hosted SAMI RADIO, and authored The Highly Effective Executive and A Woman's Guide to Transforming Anger & Stress into Personal Power and Success. Her unique views on personal growth and professional development training have earned her presence on television, radio, and national press.


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