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Journaling For Transformation


A journal is a way of recording and reflecting on your inner life. It is a form of expressing yourself freely, trying out outrageous ideas, tapping into your inner wisdom, gaining clarity, recording your dreams, venting emotions, tracking your personal growth, and delighting in unexpected “Ahas”!

There's no right or wrong way to keep a journal. The tools are a notebook and a pen. You can use a computer, and there is even software available to support you in your journaling. However, writing by hand allows you to be more in touch with the right-brained, intuitive part of your nature. The only rule about journaling is “Allow!”

Here are some helpful guidelines:

• Write every day if you can. The morning is an excellent time to write: your mind is fresh; your dreams are still alive. Practice writing your dreams down whenever you can.

• Write for at least 10 minutes. Don't stop. Simply allow the words
to come with no concern for spelling, punctuation or grammar.

• If you get stuck, keep your hand moving.  Write, “I don’t know what to write,” or “I’m stuck.” Always write from wherever you are, and it will move you to the next place.

• Leave your censor outside the door. Allow the words to come and let yourself be surprised. Have fun! There are many ways to find a starting place. Here are some suggestions:

• Begin with a few chosen words.  "Today I...," "I feel...," "I want...," or "I remember...."

• Be imaginative.  Write about what color you like and why, your kitchen drawer, or your mother’s hair.

• Describe what you see.  Look out of your window. Describe the weather or your room. Let it lead you somewhere.

Using a journal to communicate with people or things can provide insight and lead to the transformation of a challenging situation.

Here are two ways to do this:

Letters.  Write a note in your journal to anyone: family members (even people who are no longer living), pets, bosses, or your future longed-for beloved. A letter provides a way to declare what you want when you can't say it in person. Write letters to inanimate things — businesses, countries, or your home. Write a letter to Love, to Anger, or to yourself.

Dialogues.  Have a written discussion with people, situations, an aspect of yourself, or a part of your body. Next, to your name or initials, write a statement or question.

Just trust the process and write down whatever comes to you. Journaling teaches us to believe in ourselves and nourishes our inner lives.


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