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SEVEN DEADLY SINS - History Channel


History Channel:

The seven deadly sins, they exist in each of us; lust, envy, gluttony, sloth, greed, anger, and pride. The sin of anger had evolved over the centuries. Christian theology once said that those who commit the sin, face the eternal fires of hell. But there are some sinners who are tormented by anger even in this life.


I was in a relationship. Things didn't go well, to sum it up and didn't know how to handle it, went and bought two gallons of gasoline, broke out the windows in the middle of the day time. I live in an apartment complex, filled her car up with gas, set it on fire, blew up the car in her underground parking lot. The whole place had to be evacuated and I could have killed hundreds of people.


I snapped. I beat him up bad enough where the courts to say you know what, do five years prison time.

History Channel:

These men aren't dealing with their sin through confession and repentance but through anger management. The sin of anger is so wide spread in society that the concept of anger management has entered the pop culture lexicon. Anutza Bellissimo is a specialist who has treated thousands of people with anger issues.

Ms. Anutza Bellissimo:

Anger in today's society I believe, is a very serious issue. Looking at one simple statistic of 18,000 assaults being reported per week in the U.S., I think anger is definitely an issue.

History Channel:

Bellissimo says that anger is not a deadly sin, but an inappropriate behavior.

Ms. Anutza Bellissimo:

I do not believe you can get rid of anger. I feel that anger is a very necessary human emotion. For me, anger is a red flag. For me, anger is a way of acknowledging that there's things that I'm not dealing with.


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