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Our virtual membership provides ongoing support to transform your daily success rituals and advance your skills. SAMI life skills members focus on improving interpersonal communication skills, relaxation techniques, mindfulness, healthier eating habits, stress management, establishing healthy boundaries in relationships, spiritual support, and getting into smart, transformative, and results-driven action through personal growth or professional development mentoring.

The SAMI Program:

1. You can join us every third Thursday for our monthly SAMI LIVE Q&A online forum with Anutza Bellissimo.

2. Learn to use interactive meditation through our biofeedback tools and training for maximum stress management training results.

3. Advanced access to mindfulness training technique videos.

4. We'll share our favorite heart-healthy and low-stress recipes for more natural eating.

5. Relaxation strategies and tactics to lower chronic stress levels

6. Interpersonal communication coaching to improve your relationship skills

7. Emotional fitness guidance to enhance genuine relatability

8. Accountability to inspire massive action through membership support

Your SAMI membership will provide enjoyable ways of learning how to reset your nervous system, calm your world, and rejuvenate your spirit.


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