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In her dynamic talks, Anutza teaches the innovative tools used at her Stress & Anger Management Institute, LLC (SAMI), such as how to spot nuances of body language and verbal triggers that are warning signs of chronic stress. This talk is ideal for anyone whose quality of life has been sabotaged by stress, anger or ineffective communication. Listeners gain an understanding of what triggers their personal anger or stress patterns and responses, along with simple techniques to appropriately manage them - and everyone learns strategies to communicate more effectively in personal and professional relationships.
Anutza Bellissimo is CEO of the Stress & Anger Management Institute, LLC and #1 international bestselling author of The Highly Effective Executive. Ms. Bellissimo is a professional speaker and facilitator with 20 years of career development/personal growth training experience. Anutza has been working with organizations to minimize maladaptive employee behavior and engineer effective workplace performance since 1999. She is also a trusted consultant to busy executives, respected leaders, and business owners. She founded the Stress & Anger Management Institute in Manhattan Beach, CA., created The SAMI Pillow®, created SAMI RADIO, and authored A Woman's Guide to Transforming Anger & Stress into Personal Power and Success.
Her unique views to professional development have earned her presence on television, radio, and national press. She teaches various skills that improve assertive communication, stress management, anger management, conflict resolution, and emotional fitness. Helping individuals work through professional and personal obstacles to regain their natural ability to deliver their best, is Ms. Bellissimo's professional purpose and passion. She believes inspiring leadership cultivates the extraordinary human potential that lies within us. Through her dynamic approach to elevating empathy, Anutza is a courageous leader with remarkable optimism, who's passionate about inspiring the development of humanity.
Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is the #1 factor in determining personal happiness, so isn't it time you used yours to bring balance, harmony, and productivity into your life? "We all have 'forbidden' or unacknowledged emotions that play a role in sabotaging our relationships," says Anger Management Facilitator Anutza Bellissimo. In her cutting-edge talk, she shows how you can explore these emotions and get control of them, which leads to better communication and more joy and productivity - at work, at home, and at play. "It's called optimizing your Emotional Intelligence, or EQ," Anutza explains. "So often we don't want to talk - or even think - about these emotions. We like to think we've handled them, but they leak out in so many areas of our lives." She adds that we can gain control of stress and anger before they lead to harmful actions - in fact, we can even transform them into positive emotions that drive us to better communicate with everyone in our lives.

Talk Topics Include:
-Transform Anger and Stress into Personal Power and Success
-The Top Five Stress & Anger Warning Signs and How to Transform Them
-Communication: How to Get What You Need in Intimate Relationships
-Emotional Intelligence for Professional Relationships
-Three Ways to Be a Better Leader Today
Workshops are also available for employees who exhibit signs of stress, anger or inappropriate actions at work. These programs benefit small and large companies alike by improving productivity, reducing conflict, and focusing on wellness, which decreases sick days and increases employee retention.

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