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Angry, Entitled, and Stressed: Our Condescending Western Culture


How Entitlement Feeds Stress and Anger in Western Culture

In our modern world, particularly in Western cultures, there is a growing perception of entitlement—a belief that one deserves certain privileges without corresponding efforts or achievements. This post delves into the psychology of entitlement, its interplay with stress and anger, and its pervasive influence on societal interactions and individual well-being.

The Psychology of Entitlement

Entitlement is identified in psychology as a personality trait characterized by an enduring sense of deservingness and specialness, often accompanied by exaggerated expectations (Grubbs & Exline, 2016). Individuals with a strong sense of entitlement believe they are owed certain privileges and are often unprepared to work for them. They typically expect superior consideration and swift satisfaction of their desires, whether in personal relationships, professional settings, or casual social interactions.

Entitlement is closely...

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